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Feature suggestions - Authoring Tool
by Peter Moricz - Monday, 25 June 2018, 9:53 AM


Sorry if this isn't the right place to suggest new features and enhancements.

During my latest Adapt Authoring Tool project I came across a few obstacles:

  1. I needed to move blocks / components from one page to another but realised that moving blocks and / or components is only possible within the same page. Would be great if this could be done across pages as well.
  2. I also realised it's not possible at the moment to change the order of Narrative elements (it's probably the same with Accordion elements too). Would be great to be able to do so with drag and drop or some other way (e.g. drop-down).

I'm sure these enhancements would come handy for other users as well.



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Re: Feature suggestions - Authoring Tool
by Simon Date - Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 6:28 PM

Hi Peter,

You can request new features using Github issues - https://github.com/adaptlearning/adapt_authoring/issues

I believe both of these features have already been requested already though!