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Re: Gathering data using xAPI and a record store
by Saurabh Singh - Saturday, 6 July 2019, 6:08 AM

Hii Martin,

xAPI or Experience API is the latest upgrade to the SCORM learning standard. xAPI has vast support for tracking different types of things such as courses, games, apps, websites, and simulations. You can use it with these things and many more others too.

With xAPI you can track complete user behavior, like:

  • Clicks,
  • Slides visiting,
  • Video Tracking, (most-watched sections, total time spent, interactions like play pause, device and lots of details (tracks embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos too )). Learn More about new xAPI video tracking profile here: https://www.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/xapi-video-cop-announces-release-of-xapi-video-profile-v1-0/
  • Device used,
  • Screen Size,
  • Browser
  • Quiz reports like passed or failed (including user responses, essay answers, open answers, multiple choices, time is taken)
  • and many more things.

You can see all this data in your Learning Record Store (LRS).

To apply xAPI in your course, you have to Select xAPI as an LMS standard. Now you can upload your course on any Learning management system and connect it with LRS. When a user takes this course, you can see all his activities in your LRS. Learn More about LRS: https://www.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/learning-record-store/

I hope you found this information useful if you want to learn more about xAPI and want to implement it in your course, you can message me by visiting my profile or clicking my name above. Have a nice day :)


Saurabh Chauhan