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Persistance and restoring full progress
by AIi W - Saturday, 1 December 2018, 7:37 PM

I am looking for ways to persist the learners progress between sessions and save in the backend.  I have two constraints:

1- I cannot use SCORM therefore Spoor extension is not a possibility

2- Bootmarket extension is also not a possibility as it has a dependency on Spoor

I am comfortable using the Adapt API to capture completions events for components, blocks, articles etc, and POST them to a back-end and then retrieve these values in the next session.  Yes I may be re-inventing SCORM here, and I was hoping this challenge may already have been solved / there may be some shortcuts someone can suggest.  

Question: How to capture and then restore full state of the course including assessments.


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Re: Persistance and restoring full progress
by Matt Leathes - Saturday, 1 December 2018, 9:02 PM

Could you use xAPI? There is an xAPI plugin for Adapt...

I was hoping this challenge may already have been solved

Well yes, the spoor plugin solves this. What you could do is re-write spoor's wrapper.js so that it sends data to/retrieves it from your back-end. I have done this pretty successfully in the past in order to make an AICC Adapt course. The main challenge you'll have is that spoor expects all the data to be there for retrieval immediately i.e. it doesn't do asynchronous calls.

Alternatively you might want to have a look at the trackinghub extension created by community member JPablo. I've never used this myself but I know others have used it successfully. It was built for Adapt v2 so may need a bit of adjustment if you want to use it with Adapt v3.