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On mobile component sequence changed
by geeta mourya - Monday, 23 September 2019, 12:13 PM


I have one found one issue on mobile in my Adapt project. Component nth-child-2 come before nth-child-1.

Please help.

Here is the code:


        "_classes""click_tabframe learnmore",     
        "title"" Contracts Terminology",
        "displayTitle""<h3 class='custom_heading full_width'>Contracts Terminology</h3>",
        "body""<p>It is common for many within the industry to believe there is no difference in the requirements between civil customers and defence FAR 12 commercial requirements. &nbsp;This is a grossly incorrect interpretation as the U.S. government has anywhere from 35-44 requirements that must be documented for every procurement. &nbsp;Nearly all civil customers require very little documentation in the purchasing process.</p>",
        "instruction":"<div class='instruction_txt'><p>Select the <strong><em>Learn More</em></strong> tab for more information.</p></div>",
         "mobileInstruction""<p class='inst-mob text_black'>Select the '+' icon to read more.</p>",
        "_items": [
                "title"" ",
               "body""  <ul><li>Commercial can mean Civil that is Corporate and regional  business; example Gulfstream </li> <li>Commercial can mean FAR Part 12 U.S. government  requirements; example U.S. Air Force C130J </li><li>Commercial parts can be government and/or civil;  example AE 3007 = Embraer and Global Hawk </li></ul>",
                "_graphic": {
                "pinAlt""alt text",
                "strapline""Learn More",
        "_pageLevelProgress": {

    "body""<div class='note_wrapper m3_page4'><span class='note_img'><img src=course/en/images/mod-1/NPI101717_00002_a.png alt=''></span><span class='note_text'>FAR Part 15 are unique U.S. government requirements that require competitive or non-competitive negotiated acquisitions. &nbsp;These contracts can procure commercial parts.  </span></div>",

    "_pageLevelProgress": {




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Re: On mobile component sequence changed
by Matt Leathes - Monday, 23 September 2019, 2:00 PM

Hi Geeta

As recommended here, you should avoid using two full-width components in a single block.

If you really have to do this then there's a _sortComponents property you can set on the components' parent block that may help (I've never used it myself and unfortunately when it was added the documentation didn't get updated). It defaults to true so try setting it to false.

BTW, when you ask questions like this, please do say what version of the Framework you are using (you can find this in package.json and, in recent versions, as an attribute on the <html> element of the Adapt course itself). As there are now 3 major versions of the Adapt Framework, doing this helps to ensure that any solutions we suggest will actually work in the version you're using!

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Re: On mobile component sequence changed
by geeta mourya - Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 4:19 AM

Thanks Matt,

I have use Adapt framework 2.0.15 and _sortComponents is not working for me. Is there any other option to do this without change the block id. Please suggest.