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Easy way to get an authoring tool on framework 4
by Brook Hayes - Friday, 18 October 2019, 7:36 AM

Adapt from Can Studios is a fully hosted and supported subscription authoring tool. We take care of all the hosting, backups, sys admin and maintenance - you just login and create.


On Oct 4 we released V2.6.0 of Adapt from Can Studios, which:

  • runs on framework 4 

  • allows cross framework import.

(See release notes at https://canstudios.com/adapt-toolkit/adapt-from-can-studios/support/release-notes/)


And yes, it let’s you:

  • export your source files

  • access plugin management

  • stay open-source compatible 

  • back-up your work on demand.

Because that’s what we’d want.


If you’d like to try Adapt from Can Studios for free for a few of weeks, drop me a message here, reach out via our website or via info@canstudios.com