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Adapt Unlimited - Adapt hosting solution
by Simon Date - Monday, 13 January 2020, 10:58 AM

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a brand new hosting solution, Adapt Unlimited.

Adapt Unlimited is the simplest way for you and your team to access Adapt on your team's very own fast and secure private server.

Some of the key features of our offering include:

  1. A single price for your whole team - We got rid of the per author pricing model and instead charge a single fair rate for the whole of your team*. We don't think your team should have to come back to us when you hire a new employee or take on a freelancer during a busy period.
  2. Always open source - We want to become a natural part of the Adapt Learning ecosystem. All of our code is open source and we want to help and support the Adapt community going forward. We want to be an alternative to teams that don't have the time or expertise to deal with hosting Adapt themselves.
  3. 100+ Components and extensions - We grant you full access to the plugins created by the Adapt Community. Whether you need SCORM or xAPI, Gamification or Google Analytics, Branching or Brightcove. You can be almost certain in knowing there is likely an existing plugin that your team can use.
  4. Frictionless import/export - We understand circumstances change and we don't want to tie you down. You will always have access to your data if you are looking to host yourself in the future. Likewise, we can help you migrate to our platform if you are hosting yourself our using another provider.
  5. Frequent updates - We will deal with updating your instance so you get kept up to date with newer versions of Adapt.
  6. Daily backups - Mistakes happen. With daily backups you know your data will always be safe and you can revert back to the start of any day.
  7. 10gb data - We offer 10gb of storage for our basic plan.
  8. Keeping you informed - We run a weekly newsletter that informs you of the latest happenings in the Adapt community. Whether it's newly released plugins or new versions of the Framework or Authoring Tool. It's great for both Adapt Unlimited customers and open source community members alike. Subscribe here.
  9. Lightning fast servers - We don't skim on your team's private server. You can expect speeds 7.94 times faster than other hosted versions of Adapt**
  10. Supported by Adapt experts - Adapt Unlimited is created by Adapt Freelancer. We've been deeply involved in the Adapt community for almost five years and have created and shared dozens of plugins with the community.
  11. Flexible payment - Pay by card or invoice. Pay every month or pay annually to get a discount.
  12. Unlimited Plus - We provided a premium option for teams that want access to an Adapt expert on-demand. With this option, you get 50gb of storage and quarterly training sessions in both the Authoring Tool and the Framework.

We offer a 14 day free trial so you and your team can try Adapt Unlimited.

Check out Adapt Unlimited today - https://www.adaptunlimited.net/


* Our plans are designed for e-learning teams of 1 to 20 people. If your team is larger or you have bespoke requirements, email us for a quote for an enterprise solution.

** Test was performed at 13:00GMT 12th December. was performed three times on each environment using the default theme and menu with a single text component. Each test was performed as a "full rebuild". Timing began when the preview button was pressed and ended when the menu page was visible. Adapt Builder recorded 32.86s, 29.57s and 32.14s, averaging 31.52s. Adapt Unlimited recorded 4.06s, 4.00s and 3.84s, averaging 3.97s.