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LRS not available
by Tom Baum - Monday, 13 January 2020, 3:56 PM


when I try to connect to my local learning locker LRS, I get a "LRS not available" message.


My setup:

Learning Locker v5.3.0 (dockerized local install; tested with postman)

Adapt Framework v5.1.0 (local standard installation with unchanged example course; launched with 'grunt server')

adapt-contrib-xapi v0.8.0



"_xapi": {
        "_isEnabled": true,
        "_specification": "xAPI",
        "_activityID": "https://my-url.com/my-adapt-course",
        "_endpoint": "", <= do I have to add a trailing slash and/or /statement as in postman??
        "_user": "4aa1ee......",
        "_password": "cf412c5a.....",
        "_lang": "en-US",
        "_generateIds": false,
        "_shouldTrackState": false,
        "_coreEvents": {
            "Adapt": {
                "router:menu": true,
                "router:page": true,
                "questionView:recordInteraction": true,
                "assessments:complete": true
            "contentObjects": {
                "change:_isComplete": true
            "articles": {
                "change:_isComplete": true
            "blocks": {
                "change:_isComplete": true
            "components": {
                "change:_isComplete": true
        "_lrsFailureBehaviour": "show"


Firefox devtools gives me a WARN: adapt-contrib-xapi: "actor" attribute not found! followed by an error message (have a look at the attachement for the complete logfile).


Seemingly the default user from course.json/_globals/_learnerInfo is not used by the xapi extension? How can I add an actor?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: LRS not available
by Ignacio Cinalli - Monday, 13 January 2020, 8:03 PM

Hi Tom,

you need to implement an xAPI launch mechanism, or embedding the user credentials in the URL:
http://localhost:9001?actor={"objectType":"Agent","mbox":"mailto:test@user.com","name":"Test User"}



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Re: LRS not available
by Tom Baum - Tuesday, 14 January 2020, 12:13 PM



many thanks for reply! Your hint got me on the right track. The complete URL (Learning Locker in my case) should be:

http://localhost:9001/?endpoint=https://my-lrs.com/data/xAPI&auth=Basic NGFhMWV.....&actor={"objectType":"Agent","mbox":"mailto:test@user.com","name":"Test User"}


The values for endpoint and auth are provided by the LRS.