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LMS for off-the-shelf course catalogue
by Brook Hayes - Friday, 24 April 2020, 8:35 AM

Just posted on technical forum in response to someone needing to distribute their off-the-shelf catalogue WITHOUT having to repeatedly upload courses to multiple LMSs.

As it was the technical forum no product names were mentioned - but here for those who are interested in distributing their courses…

We’ve developed, and sell, a simple LMS with a reseller dashboard, precisely to make distributing an off-the-shelf catalogue easy.

It’s called Training Post.

The reseller dashboard allows an elearning provider to give each client a virtual server. You set up the courses once, and then say which courses each client can access in their instance. If you replace the SCORM file, it’s replaced it on all the client systems at once.

The reseller page isn’t live on our website yet, but you can see the single set up details at

Happy to provide a demo/free trial.