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ISO US-based Adapt freelancer
by michael milshtein - Thursday, 28 May 2020, 4:18 PM

Hello community!

In our organization we do a lot of work using Adapt, and we take it to extreme - many of our Adapt projects do not look like Adapt at all, which is what our clients love.


I am now in search of US-based Adapt developer who is willing to learn to work with Adapt the way we do!

Other than working with the code, you must be willing to work with the content, since we are mostly working on educational courses. In other words, you are not just responsible for how the course performs, but also for adding the content that appears in the course - text, multimedia, layouts, etc.


Currently the need is for a specific project, but I am guessing that certain clients will be driving the US-only policy more and more. This means that more help will be required on a long run. 


The development for this project is currently scheduled for late June-Sept, and the intensity will flactuate from one week to another, therefore flexibility is appreciated.

If you are interested, please let me know, by sending me your

- resume

- desired hourly compensation

- short cover, just to introduce yourself


You are also welcome to check out our website just to get familiar with the organization: www.sweetrush.com

I am looking forward to meeting interesting candidates, and again, sorry about the US-only requirement. Not my idea :)