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Authoring Tool - copy module between courses
by Lorenz T - Friday, 29 May 2020, 6:20 AM


Is there an easy way to copy modules between different courses using the authoring tool? It will be very useful!

Thank you 


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Re: Authoring Tool - copy module between courses
by John Niezen - Friday, 29 May 2020, 7:20 AM

Not easy, and at this moment not really supported( I think)

I managed to get it working sometime, but twice had an issue, as 1 course was from older version and I forgot that some parts were not correct. in the end had to remove the block and component, and do it all over.

What did I do? Same browser open AT in 2 tabs, 1 tab for new course, second with source info.

In the New course, click copy in the Block/Article you want the info (best to use a Blank at half), then go to the Source and Copy your info.

Back to new Course and Past at desired location.

If you need a lot more modules, it is easier just to copy the whole course.