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Adapt Plugin Checklist - 2020/FW v5 update
by Simon Date - Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 5:48 PM

Hi there,

I'm updating my free resource, the Adapt Plugin checklist to support version 5 of the Adapt Framework. I've included some of the plugins that have been created by the community since I last visited this resource and removed extensions which added functionality which is now delivered through the core Framework or theme.

Blog post with download

What is it?

I created the Adapt Project Plugin checklist to help my own client projects. I wanted to help my client's have some understanding of the types of plugins they could use in their projects and it helped me to ensure that they could know exactly which plugins they could or couldn't use. I go into more detail about the rationale behind creating it as well as the creation of the checklist in two of my previous blog posts.

The Checklist is an Excel spreadsheet with a list of the components and extensions that I would recommend. When a Adapt project starts the team delivering it sit down and go through the plugins, working which ones make sense for the project. With this sorted the developer can install all the necessary plugins to the development environment (Framework or Authoring Tool) and style them within the theme.

This benefits the client as they introduced to all the components and extensions they can use. It gives them a better understanding of what their course will look like and introduces them to the names of the plugins that will be used so they have a terminology to use during the development and feedback on the project. It benefits the developer as they can set goalposts for the project and have a formal document they can refer to with the scope of the project.

I've personally used this checklist with almost a dozen of my own clients ranging from L+D teams in charities such as Shelter to massive multinational clients with 100,000+ employees. I've also had many other Adapt developers reach out and mention how much it helped them too.

To download the spreadsheet and read more about it go to my blog post.

Blog post with download

Why trust me?

Simon Date (Adapt Freelancer) has been using Adapt on an almost daily basis for over five years. Across his previous roles he gained a deep knowledge and expertise of how to best make use of Adapt interactions. This has been applied used to create hundreds of courses in the tool.

As Adapt Freelancer he has helped over twenty companies and organisations to use Adapt.


Thanks and do let me know how you get on with it!