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Spoor questions louse answers
by Nigel Davies - Monday, 9 November 2020, 2:12 PM

Adap-framework: V4.5.0

Adapt authoring tool 0.10.4.


Hay All


I have an course created with spoor added and enabled.

I want the course to have each page locked until the one before is completed. it all works fine on the preview but,


When I upload the cource to the LMS server and test the course, get to page 4 and complete some of the questions. I then close the window let the LMS save the data, go back to the course and

page 4 is locked and none of the questions are answered in pages 1 to 3, the page process bar is show showing everything as completed. If i try going back through the questions on page 2 and submit my answers, they show as correct but will not unlock the next page.

is their something i am doing wrong?

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Re: Spoor questions louse answers
by Paul Steven - Monday, 9 November 2020, 3:03 PM

May be worth checking the following settings:

Spoor: Store question state
Spoor: Store question attempt states

Assessment settings: Reset on Revisit

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Re: Spoor questions louse answers
by Nigel Davies - Monday, 9 November 2020, 3:48 PM

Dear Paul


Thanks fir the info, i made them settings with no joy, all tho i have disabled the Assessment plugin and its now working the questions are staying answered when i clouse the course and open it in my test LMS.


would this cause any issues for the customer doing this? 


Nigel Davies