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Adapt Unlimited - Adapt hosting for teams
by Simon Date - Friday, 26 March 2021, 4:23 PM

Adapt Unlimited is a hosting service that provides e-learning teams access to the Adapt Authoring Tool. Enabling authors to access from home and collaborating together, with the installation, updates and maintenance all handled for them.

Adapt Unlimited is separated into two tiers. Plus and Standard.


Standard offers the most affordable way for teams to start using Adapt Unlimited. It enables a team of up to 20 people to start using Adapt together for less than the price of a single Articulate 360 licence. It also offers access to full plugin management controls so your team can install any plugin developed by the Adapt community.

Which team would be suited for Standard?

Adapt Unlimited standard is great for teams that may have tried Adapt once or twice on their own PCs and are ready to take content development more seriously. By using Adapt in the Cloud it means that everyone in the team can easily collaborate together and ensures that the quality of courses created are more consistent due to everything being shared and centralised in one place. It's great for teams that has at least one member who is comfortable reading through the wiki to solve any issues or knows how to properly articulate any questions they may have on the forum.


The Adapt Unlimited Plus tier builds upon the offering of the Standard tier by offering personalised support delivered by me. I'll act as your team's very own Adapt expert on demand. I can work with your team over email and video call to help them have the highest level of success with Adapt. I'll arrange training sessions to ensure that everyone feels comfortable using the Authoring Tool. I'll make it my priority to assist your team from going from Adapt newbies to being able to use it to the same proficiency as their current authoring tool.

Which team would be suited for Plus?

 A team who is looking to ensure they are using Adapt to its highest potential. They may be new to responsive design in e-learning or cloud-based authoring tools and are looking to make sure that their team is able to quickly become proficient in using the tool to create the highest quality e-learning content.

Adapt Unlimited has been instrumental in getting Shelter to the position we are now in. Which is one where we are looking at implementing this way of building knowledge products with Adapt across our internal and external L&D departments. Nathan Sheach, Shelter.

How can I learn more?

If you want to find out more about Adapt Unlimited you can sign up for a free 14 day free trial on the website using the link below.

Learn more about Adapt Unlimited here.