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Narrative blocking textinput on Android
by Sebastiaan Schoute - Thursday, 31 March 2022, 9:03 PM


I'm experiencing an issue on certain Android devices where if I combine a Narrative (or Hotgraphic) with a Text Input component (both on the same page) the keyboard is closed immediatly after I try to access the Text Input.. This is due to the Narrative component.

For instance: If I switch to landscape mode on a Galaxy Tab 8 (Chrome and FF, Android 10 and 11; tested both) and the Hotgraphic appears instead of the Narrative all is fine, whereas in portrait mode the keyboard becomes inaccessible.. If I remove the Narrative all together, the Text Input (and thus the keyboard) works fine.

Appears to be some sort of focussing issue..

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Works fine on a Nokia 4.2 (Chrome, Android 11), as well as different IOS devices.