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cmi.suspend_data hinders Adapt to load correctly
by Winston Ahsam - Friday, 13 May 2022, 6:52 AM

For some time now inn our Adapt e-learning, randomly users complain that they get stuck in the e-learning authored by Adapt. Its not the case for the majority. For a while now pulling our hairs, we narrowed the issue to the cmi.suspend_data in the database. Below is what a working session looks like and one that does not. Can anyone help us understand why this may be happening?

-  Working session:
a":{"1. Det handlar om att rädda liv":"hSeAAIAAoWk0IFBAgA","2. Kontrollera medvetande och andning. Larma 112":"hSeAAAAAo2hMUj0nl00NBAgQIECA","3. Ge bröstkompressioner och inblåsningar":"hSeAAAAAouhUVj8ol5YIECBAgA","4. Anslut hjärtstartare":"hSeAAAAAouhcWkEpmBYIECBAgA","5. Åtgärder vid luftvägsstopp":"hSeAAAAAomg8SjklJBAgQIA"}
- Non-working session:
"a":{"1. Det handlar om att rädda liv":"hSeAQIAAoWk0IFBAgA","2. Kontrollera medvetande och andning. Larma 112":"hSeAQIAAoWj0JFBAgA","3. Ge bröstkompressioner och inblåsningar":"hSeAQIAAoWl8KFBAgA","4. Anslut hjärtstartare":"hSeAoIAAoWhcpFBAgA","5. Åtgärder vid luftvägsstopp":"hSeAgIAAoWiUlFBAgA"}
Spoor version: 3.10.1
Adapt authoring tool V5
Any pointers is much appreciated and Im also attaching the config.json file.
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Re: cmi.suspend_data hinders Adapt to load correctly
by Oliver Foster - Friday, 13 May 2022, 8:24 AM

Definitely do no use sentences for the `_id` property. Please try following the convension in Adapt of using codes such as co-100, a-100, b-100, c-100. The suspend data, the place on the LMS where the course state is stored, has limited space, only 4kb. It is possibly the case that you're exhausing the suspend data limit.