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Need Custom Adapt Theme
by Nikki Thompson - Saturday, 30 July 2022, 12:39 AM

Hi there! I am from a small e-learning start-up company for kids. I am learning Adapt using the authoring tool and creating e-learning course content on my own, but do not have the time (and have not yet been able to figure out) how to make a custom theme. ISO someone who can create a custom theme.  I am looking for a custom color scheme and to talk to someone who can explain what customization is available. Since I am designing for kids, grades K-6, I would want visually interesting and colorful theme and would need some help with installing it. 

Because I am learning as I go, I would love to be able to have someone to contact with questions and I have a small budget. Anyone interested? Additional odd jobs, like installing plugins may also come from it and of course, I am willing to pay. I am not a programmer, I am an elementary school teacher and have limited coding and programming experience so I would need to work with someone who understands that I do not know coding jargon. 

Please email: miawallace.square@yahoo.com. Let me know what you would charge to create a basic custom theme, including installation in Adapt. I am not on a tight timeline, but would ideally like to have the job finished within 60 days. 


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Re: Need Custom Adapt Theme
by Deep Vyas - Monday, 29 August 2022, 10:47 AM

Hi Nikki ,

I am interested assisting you in custom theme design.

Further, I have sent you an email. Please check