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Vanilla theme 6.0.0 with Adapt 5.31.10
by Rob Mausser - Tuesday, 13 June 2023, 9:40 PM

We recently updated a course built with one of the earliest versions of Adapt 5.

Everything went well, but the Vanilla theme is 6.0.0 We made heavy modifications to the theme, and it appears to update to the latest version, 9.8.16, would take a significant amount of work.

Everything seems to be working fine with the Vanilla theme at 6.0.0 is there any known issues with using such an outdated theme with the latest Adapt? Other than missing out on enhancements etc. 


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Re: Vanilla theme 6.0.0 with Adapt 5.31.10
by Oliver Foster - Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 8:26 AM

There is no list of things that will break. 4 to 5 was a huge version change for accessibility and mobile first, both implementations changed completely.

Otherwise, you'll just fall further behind as time goes on. You'll almost certainly have to migrate / rewrite at some point.