Paul Welch
Proposed output MVP v0.1
by Paul Welch - Friday, 1 November 2013, 9:22 AM

Hi all,

in prep for this mornings design stream discussions on Adapt, I thought it might be useful if I shared my own thoughts on what we might want to consider on the output side of the framework. All discussions on what we might want from the authoring environment aren't considered here.




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Re: Proposed output MVP v0.1
by Ryan Adams - Friday, 1 November 2013, 3:49 PM

Thanks for this Paul, this is really useful.

Just to repeat here what was said on the call this morning...

I (and possibly others) hadn't considered the requirements for Assessment Functionality to date.  (I don't really understand it yet to be honest)  I'd like to think about how this might manifest itself in the framework.  It could be a property of a component (or a custom component itself) or it could be a property of the project.

I've not yet seen specifications for the various components either.  I think this would be a useful step (both for the development of the Authoring Environment and for future Content Producers).  Do you know if details on those components exists in written form yet?

If you'd like I can produce a template for this, though I suspect I'm not qualified to complete them.

Finally, do you consider everything in this diagram as MUST HAVE for MVP? Or are there aspects that we could haggle over?  My gut feeling is this is all achievable but it probably needs checking against the project backlogs.


Paul Welch
Re: Proposed output MVP v0.1
by Paul Welch - Monday, 4 November 2013, 2:33 PM

Hi Ryan,


With regards to written specification for the components, I guess it depends on the detail required. We have some material from a design perspective, but this is pretty basic documentation (e.g. how they can be used and how they appear onscreen). From a technical perspective then I think that’s one for Daryl to answer (but sure he’d appreciate any help). I’d be happy to share with you what we’ve got.


I think there are elements that we could push back to later phases for sure, particularly around learner support features. I’m keen to include triggered components as it really makes for far more varied treatments. However, it’s all negotiable.  From my perspective I think as long as the authoring environment can be easily extended to handle the different layouts and learner support features (such as glossary/resources) then it becomes less of a concern.


A basic assessment that allows the use of a variety of question types is a must have. It will also require some configuration options, such as:


  • show or don’t show ticks/crosses on questions
  • show or don’t show question specific feedback
  • setting of the pass mark
  • graduated final score feedback on results screen (and number of bands of feedback and there ranges, e.g:
    • 1: Fail:  0-60%
    • 2: Pass: 61-90
    • 3: Merit: 91%>)
  • allows for single/multiple attempts
  • possibly step locked
  • and ideally randomised banks too.

I’ll put together an assessment wish list which elaborates on the above and puts into priority order. In terms of how we’ve done assessments previously, then we’d set a given article to be an assessment, this seemed to be the most flexible and pragmatic approach given the old code base, I don’t know whether this still holds true now works begun on the refactoring.


I’m not expert in authoring tools but when reviewing the wireframes for Adapt’s, I’ll keep an eye out for how we might handle these types of features and volunteer some suggestions.




Paul Welch
Re: Proposed output MVP v0.1
by Paul Welch - Thursday, 7 November 2013, 5:01 PM

Hi all,


In prep for the design stand up tomorrow I’ve done some more thinking about the MVP for assessment and learner support.

I’ve put together a few wireframes to outline how the proposed page level progress and resources (the two items that I’ve suggested for inclusion in the LS MVP) might be laid out.

Notifications is something that we've recently developed and it nicely ties together the assessment and page level progress functionality together so I thought I'd put it out there. Happy to explain all this in more detail tomorrow.







Learner support wireframes:

Desktop after tools > resources 

Phone after tools 



Phone after Tools >Resources



Page level progress (shown on desktop)