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Design Meeting Minutes - 1/11/2013
by Tony Finlay - Monday, 4 November 2013, 2:36 PM


Walkthrough of MVP and Wireframe


Deborah, Nils, Paul, Ryan, Tony

 Making sure Content Developers. Designers, Developers are all happy with what is being prototyped and that all elements are being included/considered.

  • Check Instructional Designers view on including extra things not included from developers point of view.


Ryan - Walkthrough of MVP and Admin User

  • User Admin/Super Admin responsible for user creation/password reset and assign users a login (possibly there email address).
  • Theme (CSS/Template files) will be created offline (by Developers) and uploaded (by Developers). Then Normal Users will be able to Select Theme.
  • Debugging - login as user.
  • Multiple themes for single Tenancy.
  • Themes will control all colours etc in the output framework.
  • Theme used to change the Layout ??
  • Themes will be initially very simple & possibly minimal (with a view to adding other improvements in the future).


Ryan - Walkthrough of Normal User logging in

  • Products probably listed from Latest Updated in descending order.
  • Asset Manager possibly updated in the future to include Flickr, Twitter integration.
  • Different views for Preview:
    • Print Preview - minimal styling with all on one long page.
    • Saving the package and linking to it to preview.
      • Live Preview - future enhancement.
      • Glossary/Search to span the full Course.


Paul - PDF Walkthrough

Attempts/Pass marks - where are these set ??

    • Set at the Article Level
    • Only 1 type of Article, but this can contain different attributes.
    • Ties into tracking or just tracking everything ??
    • Possibly flag certain Questions/Components as assessment elements.
    • Quiz - need certain Score.
    • Update the Course while creating it at each element as needed and flag for assessment.
      • Not currently available but if it was created it would change User path - Go back if Fail, Continue if Pass.


Tony - Wireframe Walkthrough

  • Initially very simple for New Users (add more features/functionality in future).
  • Module Overview:
    • Add New Module/Edit existing Module/Import Module.
    • Page Overview: (Double Click on Module ^ to get here)
      • Old Sections are now Pages.  (Diagram here)
      • Old Pages are now Articles. (Diagram here)
      • Possibly make fewer Pages and more Articles.
      • Page Editor:
        • Opens in a new tab
        • Menu for Exit/Export and more in the future.
        • Layout drop down - result could potentially be controlled by Theme
        • Global Settings (for all Pages), Individual Settings (for specific Pages).
        • Add an Image:
          • Uploading from Desktop (first version).
          • Image Vault as a future enhancement.
          • Image Editor:
            • Set Ratios for image cropping (will always stay as a square or rectangle when resizing).
            • Page Editor:
              • Global Settings - Font Colour, Font Size, BG Colour, Opacity, Border Styles
              • Page Settings - Similar properties but specific to Individual Page.
              • Page Content Editor:
                • Change settings that were already set in the previous Editor (if needs to be updated while your working or something does not look correct with a colour).
                • Button - [[ + Article ]] - Add another Article below.
    • Button - [[ + Block ]] - Add another Block below.
    • Changing the Order will be done using a Drop Down:
      • 1... 2... 3... etc. Can be reordered by changing the Number (weight of the component).
    • Future enhancement - Drag and Drop functionality for changing the order or adding new components.
    • Components are Limited to 2 Side by Side (depending on the component).
    • Components will have set configurations: Full, Left or Right

Feedback from - 4th / 5th -11-2013.

  • Annotate/Comment Mockflow.
  • Please see attachments for first drafts of the ADAPT Builder MVP for both Admins and Editors.