Paul Welch
Re: New assessment functionality and a request for a community steer
by Paul Welch - Friday, 19 June 2015, 4:45 PM

Hi Tracy,

Yes, that’s the thinking behind using this functionality first as a diagnostic – get people to what they need quickly.  To support this approach we’re also working on accompanying diffuse assessments which will allow you to add mini quizzes throughout the course, rather than just the classic final assessment. To help the learner make sense of these multiple assessments/revision paths we’re also looking to develop the learner dashboard further. This will be an improved version of the panel shown in the video but it can be invoked at any time to see what’s flagged for review, how you’re doing on the diffuse assessments and so on. We'll be reaching out to the community with some initial designs to see if you think our ideas are of interest and get your opinions on how we can improve the designs.

Good idea to be able to submit data and reuse it later. We’ve explored similar ideas around linked confidence sliders where you enter a value at the start of a course and then retrieve and compare this against a later confidence score at the end of a course providing tailored feedback on the difference in score. I don’t see why we couldn't do more of this as per your suggestion. I'm sure we could look to develop a plugin in the framework and integrate with the authoring tool if it was of interest.