Developer Meeting Minutes - 14/10/2013
by Sven Laux - Friday, 15 November 2013, 7:10 PM


Chris Jones, Ryan Adams, Sven Laux


Focus has been on command line interface of Adapt Framework. Particular topic of discussion was about organisation of plug-ins. Chris and Daryl have tried several options and come to an agreement on how to implement this. Next steps are to implement, which requires modification to the build structure and to produce documentation. Discussed impact on Dennis / Authoring Tool and agreed to reach out to him to make sure he is aware and can comment.

No blockers.


Focused on data storage, in particular around images and rich text. Various discussions with Daryl and Dennis leading to further clarity but still requires finished component specs in terms of data they require. Daryl has been sharing work in progress meaning Ryan is not entirely 'blocked'. Several reviews lined up of documentation that has been produced on the project. 

Potential blocker on component specs.


Focused on organising the wider design workstream and on writing up principles and concept documents. Has organised the documentation repository and uploaded relevant documents posted previously on the community site. Briefed developers on the new structure and made call to everyone to upload any documentation to the repo.

No blockers.