Right to left languages and blockslider
by Sven Laux - Thursday, 21 November 2013, 5:14 PM

Hi Amir, Hertzel and RTL experts,

with right-to-left languages, how should the blockslider functionality ideally behave?

The default is we start with the leftmost 'slide' and move forward by scrolling to the right. I.e. the order of slides is: 1,2,3,4 etc (the bold 1 being the starting point)

With RTL, would you need this to be: 4,3,2,1, and the scroll direction to go to the left?



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Re: Right to left languages and blockslider
by Sandra Lindberg - Friday, 22 November 2013, 8:58 AM

When working with layout for rtl languages the main things we've changed from ltr productions are the direction of the text (obviously), we mirror the layout (e.g. if there's an image to the right and text to the left, we switched places). 

However we have never change the arrow-navigation functionality (right-arrow = forward, left-arrow = previous) and it hasn't been a problem due to the market being used to this. But ideally it should, and so should e.g. breadcrumbs, forms (input forms and dates).

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Re: Right to left languages and blockslider
by Amir Elion - Friday, 22 November 2013, 10:02 AM

The first thing to keep in mind in RTL design is the way people read or view the page. We scan the page from top right to bottom left, as opposed to LTR languages.

So all elements should behave like we would like the person viewing them to perceive. If you expect the user to first see the main content then see a side block, in LTR you'd put the content left and then the block, in RTL - the opposite. If you have 4 blocks, and expect them to read it in 1,2,3,4 order - in LTR 1 would be leftmost, in RTL 1 would be rightmost.

As for arrows for navigation or other navigation elements, they should behave as in LTR, i.e. if you click a left arrow, an element should move left. However, note that a left arrow in RTL would usually mean Forward, if the content is meant to be linear.

Any other questions, happy to clarify further.

Thanks for considering this.