Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Sven Laux - Thursday, 28 November 2013, 9:40 AM


I wanted to set the agenda ahead of the design stand up on Friday:

  • Adapt Framework Concept - discussion/agreement
    As promised, we have completed the Framework concept document. Please can you review this ahead of the call. The objective for this agenda item is to establish a common understanding and agreement on the vision of what we are implementing for the Adapt Framework. Paul and Daryl will do a brief walk through as part of the call and be ready to clarify any items.
  • Task: Submit your requirements / user stories for the Adapt Authoring Tool MVP by 03/12/2013 via the community site. We need to agree the requirements/user stories for the first authoring tool release. We will use the call on the 5th to collate the submissions into a single list of requirements and or user stories. As part of the call, we will walk through the items and explain them where necessary and justify why they should be part of the MVP. Please be ready to do this for the call. I expect discussions, prioritisation and working up the documentation will last beyond the call and hopefully we can wrap this up with agreement and clear documentation in mid December.
  • Demo materials update
    The team have been working to build demo materials and put them in place on the community site. We should be nearing the completion of this task and I would like us to get an update on where we are at and the ETA for the materials on the community site.

I hope this makes sense.

I'm afraid Al and I won't be able to attend the call on 29th. 

Please can I ask for one of you to take and post up notes on the community site. We seem to have lapsed on that front and it's important we keep this up for the sake of the community and the project at large.



Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Sven Laux - Friday, 29 November 2013, 5:44 PM

I understand that the call took place and went well. Key progress highlight:

  • Walk through and agreement on the Adapt Framework concept document
  • Agreement on task for people to post their essential requirements for the MVP (first release) of the authoring tool by 03/12/2013.

Paul will share more detailed notes over the weekend.

Paul Welch
Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Paul Welch - Sunday, 1 December 2013, 7:54 PM

Thanks Sven,

Not heaps to add. Daryl and I walked through the Adapt Framework Concepts document, exploring each of the nodes in the diagram one by one to ensure there was a shared understanding about all the individual elements which might inform the MVP of the framework.

It was agreed that the nodes dealing exclusively with the underlying code were really non-negotiable as these are essentially just reflecting back the realities of the framework and the re-architecture work that is currently underway. It was also agreed that the components (also reflected as nodes) were acceptable to everyone. We discussed that if we’re short of technical capacity in the upcoming sprints then we might consider pushing back development of one or two of the more complex question components. I think everyone would agree this isn’t ideal but it seems that this is the most pragmatic way forward if that situation arises.

We spent the rest of the call exploring the nodes that addressed learner support features, assessment and preferences. It appeared there was a broad agreement that this the area where we had least clarity and a shared vision for what will make it into the MVP. We also discussed how the it’s almost certain that the framework will be capable, at least initially, of providing more functionality than the authoring environment can support. However, being clear on how the framework will likely evolve should prove insights into how we should go about the design of the authoring environment.

To help reach resolution quickly on the complete MVP for the framework we have all agreed to submit user stories in an effort to establish consensus on the highest priority functionality. We have agreed that a shared Google document would be a sensible way of capturing these stories as individuals can avoid submitting duplications (or just add notes to existing stories if necessary). We also agreed that adding a category of low, medium or high to each story would be also be useful.  All agreed to submit the stories to the Google Doc for discussion at the next design stand-up on Friday 6th December. Daryl or I will set-up this document and share the details on Monday 02/12/2013.

I also provided a brief update on the production of the Adapt learning prototype and outlined a plan to issue an alpha for testing by Friday 6th December. Deborah kindly offered testing resources. Tony, I know we kind of hogged the 30 minutes and that you did provide a brief update on progress at your-end in the very short space available at the end. Apologise and please feel free to add and amend to this post accordingly.

Thanks all,


Picture of Tony Finlay
Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Tony Finlay - Monday, 2 December 2013, 10:28 AM

Hi Paul, that all looks fine.

Our updates were as follows:

Outlining roles and responsibilities on our side

Ciaran - Developing the user stories based on the MVPs put together by Mark and fleshing out some of the wireframes, he will also be charged with building the high-medium level navigation and structural elements of the Builder.

Nils - Responsible for building the components' backbone templates which he will pass to the developers.

Tony - Managing project direction and taking up any overflow work.

Outcomes for next meeting

Have user stories ready so we can compare with the front-end stories and identify gaps.

Please let me know if your need further clarity on any of the above.


Regards, Tony

Paul Welch
Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Paul Welch - Tuesday, 3 December 2013, 12:37 PM

Hi all,

The Google doc for the collection of the user stories for the output framework is now live.

For those that participate on the design stand-up should have already received email notification.  If not then please let me know.

Many thanks,




Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Sven Laux - Tuesday, 3 December 2013, 5:31 PM

Paul and I have been working towards defining the MVP. This is work in progress and will need further effort to go through an prioritise. Not all of the items currently displayed will necessarily be in the MVP. We also hope to map some of the authoring tool stories to map onto the mindmap and once this is done transfer them into the spreadsheet. We will continue on this tomorrow.

Re: Design-stream stand up 29/11/2013
by Sven Laux - Wednesday, 4 December 2013, 10:11 PM

Further work on defining the MVP. This version has a completed on the Learner -> Framework perspective and also contains the user stories for the authoring tool, which Mark originally uploaded (this was excellent work, btw).

It's still a work in progress and is starting to throw up useful questions. It also feels like this is the crucial step towards defining the scope and architecture. For instance, it has thrown up the difference between 'super administrators' and 'administrators' which will be helpful to define what multi-tenancy means and how we implement it. (Ryan, worth having a look - no doubt discussion will follow).