Lisette Ligtendag
primary education
by Lisette Ligtendag - Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 7:14 AM


First of all I would like to compliment you all on this great initiative. I’ve listened to the recordings of the webinar and Adapt looks impressive. I like the way you’ve designed navigation and the way you’ve arranged flexibility in switching between devices ( from a learning point of view).   

I’m looking for an e-learning authoring tool  for designing solutions for K-12 education and teacher training. In my dreams I see really beautiful scenarios about combining mobile learning, ‘desktop-learning’ (how do you call ‘non-mobile’ e-learning....) and face to face instruction. Reading about Adapt,  it looked heaven send. But if it looks to good to be true, it often is to good to be true J. I hope I’m not overlooking something here.......

 Perhaps it helps to know some  more about the CED-Groep. We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our website ( only has a few words in English but perhaps you can visit it to get a feel about us. When I talk about my work with friends ( at anniversaries etc), I always say that we help teachers to do their work.  We do that in two different ways. One way is that a school hires one of our consultants. The consultant helps the principal and the team to solve their problem. When a lot of schools experience the same problems we do our other type of support; research and development. Together with a group of teachers we try to design and implement a solution, not just for one school but for all the schools in the Netherlands. To do so we have to look for funding; sometimes by the government, sometimes by private funds. We used to be a municipal organization, but the way of funding organizations like ours changed a lot in the last five years or so.

There are about 10 organisations like the CED-Groep in the Netherlands. We are the biggest. I think being the biggest is not something to congratulate yourself on, but it kind of gives you an idea about the scope of our organization .

 Our field of expertise is primary, secondary education and special needs. We like to use e-learning more often (when appropriated of course). Joining this initiative looks promising. My colleagues and I aren’t technically skilled but we are passionate about learning.  So perhaps Adapt can be part of my dream scenario and perhaps we can be of use for you.

 Kind regards

Lisette Ligtendag

Manager R&D/innovation


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Re: primary education
by Daryl Hedley - Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 9:56 AM

Hey Lisette,

Firstly I'd like to welcome you aboard. It's really great to hear that teachers working in schools could benefit from Adapt. I was a teacher for 4 years before joining Kineo and building Adapt, so I really see that Adapt can help learning across a variety of mediums.

We're in a process of building an editor that is coming along nicely. We hope that by having an editor we're able to easily create engaging content.

We already have a version of the framework built for internal use and would love the opportunity to show you what it can do, what we've done and how easy it should be to make learning content.

The idea of blended learning (using both e-learning and face-to-face) is a great idea for teachers and students. In terms of special needs learning, I think with a few of the new Web APIs coming out - building "components" (a term used for our pluggable interactions) that can help with teaching special needs are perfect for Adapt. I went to a really inspirational talk from Amit Pitaru, ( who had built some cool interactions for special needs students and I felt Adapt could easily do this.

Personally, I'm really interesting in learning and to hear a company that sound so passionate about learning/teaching wanting to get involved or express their interest means we're doing something right.

If you'd like a demonstration about Adapt please email me at: and we can arrange a preview of what Adapt can do and possibly about what you might want to contribute.



Technical Lead on the framework