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MVP Assessment (Minimum requirements)
by Alan Bourne - Monday, 16 December 2013, 12:16 PM

Following our recent discussions from the MVP meeting there were many points raised with regards to what should be included in the assessment.

From our perspective the assessment could be quite minimal, most assessments are used at the end of the course and are typically fairly straightforward:

  • A series of questions (minimum of 10) not randomised
  • A pass screen
  • A fail screen
  • A pass score / percentage which can be set in the json file.
  • Resetting of the questions to allow for..
  • Reattempts

Question types should be:

  • Multiple choice question (pick one option)
  • Multiple response question (pick many options)

SCORM functionality:

  • Record the score
  • Set completion status

There are many other functionality improvements or enhancements, such as randomisation, question level feedback however we feel these could be added in the future releases.

From a development perspective I think we should be looking at making an an article an assessment, then having blocks for questions and blocks / possibly pop-up type screens for the results.

Something we are happy to give more input into.

If people could explore their thoughts here that would be great.


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Re: MVP Assessment (Minimum requirements)
by Mathew Gancarz - Monday, 16 December 2013, 5:16 PM

Thank you for sharing this Alan.

Our courses tend to have a checkpoint or two within them with a few questions. We don't retain the grades at this time but it might be useful to do so in the future. It looks like the items outlined cover the basic needed functionality but a few things stood out to me:

  • Why a minimum of 10 questions? In some of our checkpoints we have as few as 2 or 3 questions that are more difficult and take some time each.
  • An option to display multi-line immediate feedback (as opposed to just correct/incorrect) for each question as soon as the question is answered, rather than at the end of the assessment.
  • It would also be important to us to have the option to put assessments (more than one) at any point in the course, not just at the end.


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Re: MVP Assessment (Minimum requirements)
by Alan Bourne - Monday, 16 December 2013, 6:40 PM

Hi Mathew,

My mistake I was more pointing out that on average our typical courses feature a 10 question assessment. However you are completely right, this number could range from 1 - 100 if required. I would imagine from a development perspective this shouldn't matter too much, its more when pooling and randomisation comes into play we might increase the scope a little.

With regards to immediate feedback, I agree here, however some courses you may wish to provide no feedback and only display the results screen both pass / fail. So It would be good to provide:

  • Immediate feedback (which would contain 2 variations) correct text and incorrect text (no limit to the amount of content included in these pop-ups), thus expanding the scope of correct and incorrect feedback.
  • The option to exclude feedback from a question, to take the user to the next question, or if on the last question, straight to the results screen.

With regards to the assessments being included in various areas of the course, as you say this would certainly be a great addition, however I'm not too sure of the complexity of this in terms of getting it developed in time for the release of the MVP, but certainly something we should discuss and see if possible.



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Re: MVP Assessment (Minimum requirements)
by Kev Adsett - Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 9:40 AM

Further to the discussion about immediate feedback - it's pretty par for the course (excuse the pun) to have a third variation of feedback on multiple response questions for 'partly correct' answers, where you have selected some but not all of the right options.

[EDIT] Having read through the proposed framework MVP, I see this requirement has already been captured.