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Version 0.1.2 of the authoring tool has been released
by Brian Quinn - Wednesday, 30 September 2015, 10:23 AM

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to announce that we've just released version 0.1.2 of the authoring tool.  Thanks to all the community for the feedback we have received and the developers who have made this happen.

The primary focus of this release has been support for version 2.x of the Adapt Framework, but there are numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes.

The full list of issues resolved can be viewed here, but these are the highlights:


  • Support for _isOptional (Adapt Framework v2.x)
  • Support for accessibility (Adapt Framework v2.x)
  • Support for plugin 'globals' (Adapt Framework v2.x)
  • Improved install/upgrade
  • 'Global' configurations for plugins are conditionally applied
  • Added basic browser-based spell-check to HTML editor
  • Table editing is now an option on the HTML editor
  • Any tag added in the HTML editor is now preserved
  • Support for 'Autofill' on graphic components
  • Confirmation when deleting a component/extension item, such as a narrative or question stem
  • Ability to delete assets
  • Support for Adapt Framework v2.x assessment extension


  • Course now has a Display Title property
  • Default plugins are now taken from the framework adapt.json file, hard-coded references to plugins are
  • Removed the dependency on adapt-cli
  • Added better logging for Validation Failed errors on database operations
  • Remove hard-coded references to core plugins
  • Upgrade to Express 4, support NodeJS 0.12.6, i.e. removed hard dependency on 0.10.33
  • Any logger.log() calls now support placeholders properly
  • Authoring tool specific properties now removed from output JSON
  • Updated logo


  • Bug: Course tags lost when a hero image is added or removed
  • Bug: Broken preview and publish after deleting asset
  • Bug: Tutor extension breaks configuration screen
  • Bug: Asset collection not displaying results when a small number of records should have been retrieved
  • Bug: Component type label gets lost on plugin upgrade
  • Bug: 500 error when updating plugins with framework v1.1.5
  • Bug: Resource link save errors
  • Bug: Assets on moved components hold reference to previous block
  • Bug: When ffmpeg is not installed, the thumbnailPath 'none' causes issues with routers
  • Bug: Deleting an article or page does not remove associated assets contained with in
  • Bug: Modal overlay has a few responsive issues when appending content/custom editing views
  • Bug: Issue with long list item attribute values going outside of the list item box
  • Bug: Issue with nested items in backbone forms showing as [object Object]
  • Bug: Course tags were removed when a hero image was added or removed


How to upgrade

IMPORTANT: If upgrading from a previous installation, first remove the node_modules folder and run

npm install --production

to install the latest code dependencies, then run

node upgrade

to get the latest authoring tool and framework changes.

I hope you enjoy using 0.1.2 and welcome any feedback at: