Designer meeting minutes - 14 Oct 2013
by Sven Laux - Tuesday, 15 October 2013, 9:23 AM

Adapt Designer Meeting Minutes

Date: 14-OCT-2013


Tony Finlay
Ryan Adams
Deborah Limb
Paul Welch
Sven Laux


We had an initial call to get the design-focused group together and discuss the progress on the authoring tool and establish how this group would work together going forward.

As part of this meeting we established roles and responsibilities and agreed the following:

  • Tony: Design Lead for the authoring tool. To lead on requirements, specs, wireframes and to organise the design work stream in particular.
  • Ryan: To bridge the gap between design and technology and in charge of guiding the architecture. Reviewer with regards to usability, device compatibility etc.
  • Deborah: Subject matter expert on Learning Design and Commercial Content Production. Key inputs on learning methodology, workflow and requirements of the authoring tool in particular.
  • Paul: Design Lead for the Adapt framework and Subject matter expert on Learning Design, Commercial Content Production and usability. Key working relationship with Tony on leading the overall design of what we are producing.
  • Sven: Key inputs are overall vision, strategy and technology. Also involved in ongoing discussion and review.

We also acknowledged Al Marshall and Jason McGonigle, who are actively involved in shaping the project. We will need to find a way to engage both in this process.

Tony and Ryan have been working closely with the well-established technical stream and drawn up several documents to help understand the workflow and the architecture. Forum threads highlighted were: 


  • Sven to extract concept overview and add descriptive sentences for each bubble
  • Tony to set up a regular weekly design stream call/meeting
  • Tony to share the wireframes / ideas he has already produced
  • Paul to join the regular weekly Developer meeting

(Apologies if I have forgotten anything!)