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Design Meetings' Minutes
by Tony Finlay - Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 1:02 PM

Date- 1/11/2013
Deborah, Nils, Paul, Ryan, Tony

Agenda: Walkthrough of MVP and Wireframe

Making sure Content Developers. Designers, Developers are all happy with what is being prototyped and that all elements are being included/considered.

  • Check Instructional Designers view on including extra things not included from developers point of view.

 Ryan - Walkthrough of MVP and Admin User

  • User Admin/Super Admin responsible for user creation/password reset and assign users a login (possibly there email address).
  • Theme (CSS/Template files) will be created offline (by Developers) and uploaded (by Developers). Then Normal Users will be able to Select Theme.
  • Debugging - login as user.
  • Multiple themes for single Tenancy.
  • Themes will control all colours etc in the output framework.
  • Theme used to change the Layout ??
  • Themes will be initially very simple & possibly minimal (with a view to adding other improvements in the future).


Ryan - Walkthrough of Normal User logging in

  • Products probably listed from Latest Updated in descending order.
  • Asset Manager possibly updated in the future to include Flickr, Twitter integration.
  • Different views for Preview:
    • Print Preview - minimal styling with all on one long page.
    • Saving the package and linking to it to preview.
      • Live Preview - future enhancement.
      • Glossary/Search to span the full Course.


Paul - PDF Walkthrough

Attempts/Pass marks - where are these set ??

    • Set at the Article Level
    • Only 1 type of Article, but this can contain different attributes.
    • Ties into tracking or just tracking everything ??
    • Possibly flag certain Questions/Components as assessment elements.
    • Quiz - need certain Score.
    • Update the Course while creating it at each element as needed and flag for assessment.
      • Not currently available but if it was created it would change User path - Go back if Fail, Continue if Pass.


Tony - Wireframe Walkthrough

  • Initially very simple for New Users (add more features/functionality in future).
  • Module Overview:
    • Add New Module/Edit existing Module/Import Module.
    • Page Overview: (Double Click on Module ^ to get here)
      • Old Sections are now Pages.  (Diagram here)
      • Old Pages are now Articles. (Diagram here)
      • Possibly make fewer Pages and more Articles.
      • Page Editor:
        • Opens in a new tab
        • Menu for Exit/Export and more in the future.
        • Layout drop down - result could potentially be controlled by Theme
        • Global Settings (for all Pages), Individual Settings (for specific Pages).
        • Add an Image:
          • Uploading from Desktop (first version).
          • Image Vault as a future enhancement.
          • Image Editor:
            • Set Ratios for image cropping (will always stay as a square or rectangle when resizing).
            • Page Editor:
              • Global Settings - Font Colour, Font Size, BG Colour, Opacity, Border Styles
              • Page Settings - Similar properties but specific to Individual Page.
              • Page Content Editor:
                • Change settings that were already set in the previous Editor (if needs to be updated while your working or something does not look correct with a colour).
                • Button - [[ + Article ]] - Add another Article below.
    • Button - [[ + Block ]] - Add another Block below.
    • Changing the Order will be done using a Drop Down:
      • 1... 2... 3... etc. Can be reordered by changing the Number (weight of the component).
    • Future enhancement - Drag and Drop functionality for changing the order or adding new components.
    • Components are Limited to 2 Side by Side (depending on the component).
    • Components will have set configurations: Full, Left or Right

Feedback from - 4th / 5th -11-2013.

  • Annotate/Comment Mockflow.
  • Please see attachments for first drafts of the ADAPT Builder MVP for both Admins and Editors.
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Re: Design Meetings' Minutes
by Tony Finlay - Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 1:02 PM

Date: 8/11/2013

Participants: Ciaran, Daryl, Paul, Nils, Ryan, Sven & Tony

Objective of Call: Catching up on progress, looking at the blockers of the project.


  • Walk-through of Forum Post * https://community.adaptlearning.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=61
  • Covering Amir Elion’s response: User Guides, Help Documentation??
  • Search, Component Metadata, Interactive Glossary
  • Need to make Clear to the Community what is in the concept/first release.

Main Blockers – need to know the final MVP Schema.

  • Write up the Schema documentation.
  • Create Concept document/diagram for Adapt framework.

Agree on MVP

  • Framework (first)
  • Authoring Tool
  • Clear vision of what can plugin in to the Authoring Tool??
  • Attributes, behaviours, character limits (difficult to understand without knowing these)
  • Need to know these to be able to design for them.
  • Draw up Schema for this (Daryl??)

Sven: Create a concept document before the next call (15-11-2013).


  • Ryan: Discuss wireframes with Tony.
  • Start coding 'Adapt Builder' at a higher level; Scheduled to commence on 11th / 12th -11-2013.
  • Need to bolt down output framework.
  • Everyone join IRC Channel to aid collaboration between Designers/Developers, separate channel may be set up in future if traffic gets too high
Re: Design Meetings' Minutes
by Sven Laux - Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 5:35 PM

Thanks, Tony. Just to say I have renamed and uploaded the docs to Github at https://github.com/adaptlearning/documentation/tree/master/02_authoring_tool/05_architecture/supporting_docs 

Please feel free to move in case I have got the wrong place.