Getting involved


We welcome you to get involved with Adapt!

If you are a developer, please help yourself to the code here. There are some instructions on how to get started on the documentation page. 

Regardless of your role and technical skills, please join the community discussion forum. You can read the discussions and download all files without creating an account. If you are interested, please read our guiding principles before signing up for an account on this site. 

Getting involved is easier that you think: here are some examples of what it means.

This is a great time to get involved for people who are interested in helping to shape this project or simply want to follow our discussions. Our timelines are quite ambitious. More info about our release plans and the current status can be found on our status and timelines page.

We endeavour to discuss everything with the community in the community forum on this site. The only exceptions are items discussed at our regular quarterly steering group meeting, where we consider strategic issues and opportunities, project finances, systems and discuss assigning and (hopefully far less often) removing committer rights and invites to the steering group. More information on how this project is structured can be found on our governance page.


Last modified: Friday, 7 November 2014, 4:44 PM