Project history and goals


The Adapt open source project was established in September 2013, following the donation of City & Guilds Kineo’s internal version of the Adapt framework. We established a core collaborator group and set up the governance of this open source project. The community site was launched shortly thereafter.


Adapt authoring tool

We have defined the authoring tool requirements and are currently designing and developing it.

Version 0.1 (the pilot release for early adopters) was released on 11th of May (read more), followed by a further patch release (v0.1.1) on 13/07/2015.

We are working towards releasing version 0.2 of the Adapt authoring tool. We expect this release will be minimal and still require end users to have access to developers. Our intention with release is to start using this in production and gather a user community of early adopters, who are also able to help guide us along to version 1.0 via a number of interim releases.

Version 1.0 of the Adapt authoring tool will be the first official release aimed at non-technical end users. This will still take a while to deliver. There is a sneak preview below:




Adapt framework

Adapt framework - version 2.0

We released version 2.0 of the Adapt framework on 03/08/15. This was a major functional update. Full details are available on the v2.0 release page.


Adapt framework - version 1.1 (released 29/05/2014)

Version 1.1 of the Adapt framework was released on 29/05/2014. The table below describes the additional features:

Feature Description
Core updates
  • Pull out drawer for resources, page-level progress etc.
  • Core notification system (handles popups, prompts, alerts and push notifications)
  • Improvements to question handling (incl. validation and feedback handling)
  • Updated JSON structure (standardised structure and new attributes)
  • Attribute locking support for plug-ins
  • Improved performance
  • API improvements
  • Router improvements
Development environment
  • Grunt less update
  • JSON validation
  • Plug-in version selection
  • Updates to all existing components to bring to v1.1
  • New Slider component
  • Updates to Media component (incl. multiple completion criteria)
  • Page level progress
  • Resources
  • Improved variables
  • Moved functional CSS into core
  • Additional templates for further theming control (button and component partials, drawer and notify)
  • Progress bars on BoxMenu


Adapt framework - version 1.0 (released 28/01/2014)

Version 1.0 of the Adapt framework was released on 28/01/2014. This is stable, thoroughly tested code and aimed at developers of responsive design e-learning courses. This release is the first public release after refactoring the previously internal code created by City & Guilds Kineo and implementing a flexible plug-in architecture. A detailed list of the requirements can be seen here.


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